Nursing Informatics

The informatics nurse is involved in activities that focus on the methods and technologies of information handling in nursing. Informatics nursing practice includes the development, support, and evaluation of applications, tools, processes, and structures that help nurses to manage data in direct care of patients/clients. The work of an informatics nurse can involve any and all aspects of information systems including theory formulation, design, development, marketing, selection, testing, implementation, training, maintenance, evaluation, and enhancement. Informatics nurses are engaged in clinical practice, education, consultation, research, administration, and pure informatics. The certification offering is also available to educators engaged in the education and supervision of graduate students in informatics nursing tracks and programs.

Hold a current, active RN license and practiced the equivalent of two years full time as a registered nurse. Hold a BSN or higher degree in nursing. Have completed 30 hours of continuing education in informatics within the last three years Meet one of the following practice hour requirements:
Minimum of 2,000 hours in informatics nursing within the last three years
Minimum of 1,000 hours in informatics nursing in the last three years and completed a minimum of 12 semester hours of academic credit in informatics courses which are a part of a graduate level informatics nursing program
Have completed a graduate program in nursing informatics containing a minimum of 200 hours of faculty supervised practicum in informatics

An entry level Informatics Nurse can expect an average starting salary near $57,000 while an experienced nurse can reach salaries near $87,000.

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